Wealth Series Videos

So you want more money, do you? What’s holding you back? Your subconscious mind, that’s what. And that’s exactly why you’re here.


Here you will find videos that address all sorts of subconscious programs that we have running underneath our conscious awareness that keep us from creating the wealth we are capable of receiving.


On each page in this section you will find a different Mind Shift Subliminal Video, each one addressing specific subconscious programs that you will have “downloaded” to you in the video. The text of the programs recorded will also be available for you on each page with the videos. Simply read the text provided, give your permission to receive the ThetaHealing® “downloads” embedded in each video, by saying “YES” out loud, plug in your headphones, and watch the video. It really is as simple as that! Your subconscious mind will receive new programming while you enjoy a pleasant and relaxing viewing experience.


Within a short amount of time, you will begin to notice changes in your thinking, new thought forms being created, new ideas being generated to help you generate more wealth, and interesting synchronicities beginning to appear in your life, all centered around possibilities for the life you want to create.




Wealth Movie 1: Allowing, Accepting and Receiving

Wealth Movie 2: Transforming Poverty Consciousness

Wealth Movie 3: Wealth Consciousness





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