Mind Shift Subliminal Videos FAQ

How do Mind Shift Subliminal Videos work?

When you watch Mind Shift Subliminal Videos, you will need to be at your computer and wear a pair of headphones. Binaural beats are used in these videos for brainwave entrainment, which will allow you to instantly attain a theta brainwave while you watch the videos, along with subliminal visual and audio commands. The ThetaHealing® session is also recorded and embedded within each video.


The Mind Shift Subliminal Videos that I have created for you are extremely powerful tools with which to access and command changes in your subconscious mind. Because our subconscious minds are approximately 97% of our entire minds, with the conscious thoughts that we have being barely 5%, of which we are aware of maybe 10% of the time, it is the power of our subconscious minds that truly creates our reality. It is the subconscious mind that vibrates at a frequency which attracts the people, things, circumstances and experiences into our lives that match the frequency that we are vibrating. But because we don’t usually know what our subconscious minds believe – or what programs we have running – we can be the most positive thinker in the world and still have subconscious programs running that keep us from attracting what we want into our life experience.


This is where the The Energetic Masters Membership and Mind Shift Subliminal Videos come in. Simply put on a pair of headphones and watch these videos regularly, and you will begin to experience changes on the subconscious level. What this means for you is that you will begin to quickly raise your energetic frequency and begin to attract people, things and circumstances that are a match to your new higher vibrational frequency.


What are the subconscious programs contained within the videos?

These are positive belief “downloads.” They are made available to you as a member with each Mind Shift Subliminal Video. Because there are subliminal messages both audibly and visibly contained within these videos, “negative” beliefs for clearing are not included in the videos. Negative belief clearings are, however, included in the ThetaHealing® Audios, and can also be addressed by working personally with me or another qualified ThetaHealing® Practitioner in a personal one-on-one session.


How long are the Mind Shift Subliminal Videos?

The video length of the Mind Shift Subliminal Videos you’ll have access to as a member varies between 5 minutes and 30 minutes, depending on the video and ThetaHealing® session embedded within it.


I am unable to listen to binaural beat technology for medical reasons – can the The Energetic Masters Membership still help me?

Yes, absolutely. Mind Shift Subliminal Videos without the binaural beat technology are also made available so everyone can experience the benefits of ThetaHealing®. Additionally, ThetaHealing® audio recordings are available, and these do not contain binaural beats. You will also have access to life-changing members-only content.

What are ThetaHealing® Audios?

ThetaHealing® Audios are ThetaHealing® sessions that I personally record, which contain various program “downloads” as well as subconscious belief clearing. These are different from the videos, which are program “downloads” only. The audios contain no subliminal messages and no binaural beats. In the audios, you will hear my voice state a belief, or subconscious program. You then muscle test yourself to find out if you have the stated belief on the subconscious level. If you have it, and would like it to be cleared, or alternately, if it is a belief that you would like to have and don’t, you give verbal permission, and the ThetaHealing® session that is embedded into the audio works to clear you of the unwanted belief or program, or “download” the desired belief to you. You will then hear my voice re-state the belief, and then you will retest yourself to confirm that the belief has indeed been cleared or “downloaded” to you. This is proven technology and instantly shifts your subconscious beliefs into alignment with your conscious intent.


Can I Watch Mind Shift Subliminal Videos on my iPhone or iPad?

Currently, the Mind Shift Subliminal Videos are in Flash format, which means that they will play in devices that recognize and use Flash players. The subconscious mind is still reached, and the videos and audios have the same effect as when watched on your computer. Check back for updates concerning availability for iPhone and iPad devices.

What else should you know before joining the The Energetic Masters Membership?

Please see the Videos Disclaimer page, and feel free to contact me personally if you have any additional questions.






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